In mood for fashion… Always!


I’ve been noticing lately that Sature has started to grow! (I’m so excited!! Thank you :D) So, I decided to make it more organised. I must admit I haven’t been fashion blogging a lot, but this is going to change!

This week for the first time I will start posting some real time written fashion episodes. IN MOOD FOR FASHION will be your guide through the amazing world of fashion and will gradually help you to create your own unique style.

In our everyday life we face situations which sometime make it hard to be in mood for fashion and looking “a style girl“. Some people have a wrong concept about this. Being stylish is not about expensive and uncomfortable outfits. Being stylish means making an outfit yours, wearing it your way, making it look different and comfortable, because these and only these make you look a fashion diva. What I’m going to do is encourage and inspire you to BE A REAL-LIFE FASHIONISTA by giving you outfit ideas in every occasion in order to feel good and be in. Crossing my fingers you’ll like them! O:) 

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Hey beauty creatures! 

I decided it was the right time to share more with you and spread Sature.

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