Cooking with @videomeals!

One of the things I so much enjoy is cooking. One of my favorite quotes is:

“There is no sincerer love than the love of food.”-George Bernard Shaw

 And it’s true. Food is the body’s fuel, soul’s happiness and a unique pleasure. 

I enjoy all the cooking sites but my favorite url is: You’ve probably heard about it. It’s has become really popular lately and everybody loves it. It has helped me lots. 

Videomeals is an website run by a gorgeous australian guy. It’s about quick, simple and healthy meals. It provides really interesting ideas using easy to purchase everyday ingredients.

Since I’m not good at long and  hard recipes ,what I enjoy so much  about videomeals is that I can give  myself a really easy dish but also  extremely healthy. I’ve learned to combine different foods and bring out delicious tastes.

If you can cook or if you can’t, it doesn’t matter, if you love eating take a look at and feel like a chef. If you own an instagram account follow @videomeals for more. 🙂

Enjoy X




I live in a beautiful land surrounded by stately mountains, deep blue sea and large fields. Noisy cities, lots of traffic and old villages. Stubborn but also welcoming people. I live in Albania.

I love this place. I love my city. I love to walk around, enter my favorite cafes, see people talking with enthusiasm about the last gossip, be convinced by the same sellers, I’ve already known for years, to buy something I don’t really need :P. I also love saying HEllo to my neighbours who never forget to ask about my parents and how’s school going, I love buying so many sweets when I enter to my favorite bakery… I love so many things about my HOME.

It’s a really beautiful part of the world.

I’ve lived in this place forever. I am used to it. To the angry people, to the happy ones, to the lazy mondays and to joyful saturdays. It’s a place which makes me feel lucky ,sometimes, when I walk home after a successful day, and makes me hate the fact that I am a part of it when I ran into difficult situations.

For a girl like me, for a teenager, Albania is not the best country to be raised. But is my place.

If you visit my country you will probably love it, but if you stay here for a long time you will see how hard it is to live in a transition country.The society is passing such a hard moment. There are so many poor people around, people who do not give a damn about talking to neighbours or the annoying sellers. People who find themselves so alone, without someone to support them. This makes me feel sorry for living here. It’s not that I want to leave. I want this place to change. We need a big change. A change that must start from each and every person who can change.

Yes, where I live there’s no time for dreams and love… Where I leave people are fighting everyday for their lives.

When I walk home at the end of the day, when streets are empty, when the city is sleeping, I tell myself I love it. I love my home with all the bad and all the good things and I hope, every single day when I walk back home, for my Albania to CHANGE! 🙂

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