Crazy swim!

Bonjour loves! Sorry for not writing these days. This is a post I should’ve uploaded on Friday but I couldn’t find any Wifi until I came back home. 🙂 

drymadesToday was just perfect! I’d call it the best day of this summer. While me and my parents went to Drymades to spent the day, my friend Frida joined us. Drymades is in my opinion the best summer destination in Albania. It’s about 60 km away from Vlora, where my beach house is.

It was Friday and everybody was heading to the southern part of the country so we travelled about a hour and a half because of the road traffic. The journey to Drymades is a whole pleasure itself. The road takes you through the Llogara mountain. Usually everyone stops there to have a break, enjoy the nature and take lots of photos! And we did too.


On the way…


Chillin’ 😉

When arrived at Drymades we were a bit disappointed because the sea was not quiet at all. There were giant waves! After picking a nice place to stay at the beach ( Amsterdam Summer Club, which is a really fun zone, lots of music, amazing summer cocktails and schiuma party every weekend), me and Frida went swimming.

PicMonkey Collage

We stepped into the water and a giant wave just rolled us! And I was laughing hard while trying to breath and escape the other wave! And the other wave… And the other…’cause there were millions of waves before we

decided to take a break (which was about 10 min…Long time, huh?) It was impossible to get us out of the water 😀 We had a crazy swim 🙂

945979_726481370712245_711559931_nMyself 🙂

Suddenly, it was raining! And this was the moment when everybody joined us rolling in the waves and screaming! Can you imagine a group of people swimming in the rain and acting like crazy? It was so fun! We all enjoyed it.



Me and my lovely friend 🙂 (on the left Frida) ❤

The lunch at Drymades Inn restaurant was delicious. It immediately turned into my favourite place to eat and I highly recommend it.

The menu is light and healthy, seafood-based, and inspired by local flavors of Mediterranean cuisine. You’ll be surprised of the amazing dishes found here. Absolutely an great experience of taste! 😀

drymades 2


In the meanwhile, the rain became heavier and it was impossible to get outside. So, we grabbed our bags, left and had another short break at Llogara. Now I’m exhausted 😦 but also very happy and pleased.


Oh, I almost forgot! I’m wearing H&M bikini which can be found here 😉


Bye bye! Send you all my love and wish you a productive and happy week 🙂 XX  And don’t forget to follow Sature! The next post is going to be special and I want everyone to read it 🙂 See you soon…


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Summer Shoes!

I am so excited! Today I walk up with my new Sergio Rossi Shoes near me 😛 I am so in love with them and can’t wait to wear them! I’ll show you more pics soon 😉


Shoes are every girl’s love! No matter how full of them our wardrobe is we still want to have more. They improve your look or make it look worse depending on the way you combine them. So, it’s very important to have some essentials. I decided to show you some of my favorite shoes of the season in a list of Shoes Must-Haves. I’ve put in this list many shoes. Not necessarily  every and each of them should be yours. But I couldn’t choose. I LOVE THEM ALL!primark-ankle-strap-heels

Ankle Sandals Heels

They are elegant, chic and you can wear them with almost every item you want. Just make sure to have your flats with you 😉  My favorite ankles can be found here and I recently purchased these which are really comfortable. I decided to get them on black since it is a color which fits everything and my mom got the nude ones. Since we’ve got the same size I can wear them too. 🙂  If you want to buy ankles, then Zara is definitely the best place to find what you’re looking for. If you enter a Zara shop you will ran into really nice designs and also really comfortable shoes.

If you really want to spend money on shoes these are the best you can get.

You can also find some really nice ones at Forever21 on great prices here.



These are just gorgeous. I just love them! You can find them here. I hope I’ll buy them soon! ❤ #praying #praying….


Marc Jacobs Neon Rubber Flats

So comfortable. These lovies make you shine! There’s nothing that would look better on you this summer that these. Tanned skin, late night talks, hot long days, Mark Jacobs… ❤ You can find them here on 50% off. I’m so happy I found them on sale!  🙂 Remember that: Marc Jacobs shoes are a must in every wardrobe. You can buy flats, heels or wedges. It doesn’t matter. What matters is to have a pair of this stylist’s amazing products.


Hot Metal Flat. Potomac Sandals

These are really nice. So summerish! These can be worn  with summer dresses or even shorts. You can also wear them with maxi skirts. Found here on a great price.

Potomac Sandal

I’ve loved these since the first moment I saw them. So rock and so in! They are not high-heels so you won’t feel your feet being tired. I think they’d look amazing on summer nights! 🙂 Found here. (love these too)

Darling Pump – Oil Slick

Don’t think it twice when it comes to these shoes. They’re definitely worth paying for. They’re shiny, they’re fun, they’re elegant, they’re trendy. You can wear them all year long not only during summer. I find them so charming ❤ 🙂 Can be found here. (also love these and these)


Lavish Gladiator Sandal – Nude

What can I say? Girls owe a lot  the one who created them! 😉 Can be found here 🙂


Nice, comfortable, modern…!  I think you’ll love them. The ones on the pic above can be found here. I loved this Forever21 model too.


Another Zara model. You may have seen these type of shoes many times lately. Well these are another MUST!

Found here and here.



Amazing shoes! The elegance, the feminine shape, the comfort are all found here  ( also love these). And in a much lower price here.


Can be found on two colors, but I prefer green. Buy online on Zara.


I love the pattern. It reminds me of the sea and summer itself. You can wear it with something blue, white, green. Found here


And finally something yellow! They are medium-heels so you won’t find it difficult to walk on them for a long time. I have something similar which I love to wear with my leopard pants and they look great. Can be found here.


Valentino Flip Flops

These are perfect. You will look stunning on these, trust me 😉 I own something similar and I feel all girls’ eyes on them 😛 This model can be found here. Buy for less here. Also love these (similar on lower price here)

Hope you like them, XX



I live in a beautiful land surrounded by stately mountains, deep blue sea and large fields. Noisy cities, lots of traffic and old villages. Stubborn but also welcoming people. I live in Albania.

I love this place. I love my city. I love to walk around, enter my favorite cafes, see people talking with enthusiasm about the last gossip, be convinced by the same sellers, I’ve already known for years, to buy something I don’t really need :P. I also love saying HEllo to my neighbours who never forget to ask about my parents and how’s school going, I love buying so many sweets when I enter to my favorite bakery… I love so many things about my HOME.

It’s a really beautiful part of the world.

I’ve lived in this place forever. I am used to it. To the angry people, to the happy ones, to the lazy mondays and to joyful saturdays. It’s a place which makes me feel lucky ,sometimes, when I walk home after a successful day, and makes me hate the fact that I am a part of it when I ran into difficult situations.

For a girl like me, for a teenager, Albania is not the best country to be raised. But is my place.

If you visit my country you will probably love it, but if you stay here for a long time you will see how hard it is to live in a transition country.The society is passing such a hard moment. There are so many poor people around, people who do not give a damn about talking to neighbours or the annoying sellers. People who find themselves so alone, without someone to support them. This makes me feel sorry for living here. It’s not that I want to leave. I want this place to change. We need a big change. A change that must start from each and every person who can change.

Yes, where I live there’s no time for dreams and love… Where I leave people are fighting everyday for their lives.

When I walk home at the end of the day, when streets are empty, when the city is sleeping, I tell myself I love it. I love my home with all the bad and all the good things and I hope, every single day when I walk back home, for my Albania to CHANGE! 🙂

Daily Tirana 002



My summer so far :)

I think I need another break from this noisy city. I went to my beach house for like 2 weeks and now that I’m back in Tirana I can’t wait to leave again. I spent all day surfing on tripadvisor or haha.. See, I get so inspired by the great hotels and amazing views. This helps me plan my vacations too. However, I was thinking of posting here some of my pics during this summer since I haven’t posted any.

This is Agi's tattoo. She's one of my best friends. <3

This is Agi’s tattoo. She’s one of my best friends. ❤

We went to the forest one day. Since it was a really hot day we decided to find some fresh place and organise a BBQ. Great memory!

We went to the forest one day. Since it was a really hot day we decided to find some fresh place and organise a BBQ. Great memory!


Here is me and my friend Frida.


We discovered a wonderful small beach that day and I immediately fell in love with this place! Wish I go back soon 🙂


e0788566dc5911e28b9a22000a1f9d42_7An artistic self-taken photo :p


IMG_0639Strange face O.o


This is definitely my favorite photo collage. I’m here with my wonderful and charming friend Pami. I’ve known her since forever and I’m super happy she’s a part of my life.

IMG_1668I'm a Starbucks Lover... Who isn't?!

I’m a Starbucks Lover.. Who isn’t?!

IMG_2658Me and Kejsi. I love her ❤ 🙂


Always find a reason to smile! Because that’s what life’s all about, happiness!

IMG_3243On my miniprom night! 🙂

Another adorable person I love to always have around me ❤ 🙂


This is my sweet cat, Coco! ❤


These are my favorite photos with some of my favorite people. Sometimes when I think… I mean I deeply deeply think :P, I am so happy I know them. Friends are a bliss!

Love ya, XX




Hey Beauty Creatures!

Today’s gonna be about 
If you’re a teenager I’m sure you know what I mean. Sometimes I don’t like myself even. But this happens only for 1 sec. I’m in love with me. I don’t wanna look selfish but if I wanna love the others I must love myself. I know I’m far from perfect but perfect’s not what I’m searching for. I think every girl in the world is special. You just have to encourage your beauty. I mean your inner beauty and your physical beauty. It’s important to convince yourself and also to let the others know you’re beautiful and in love with yourself. This will make you look better and feel better. It doesn’t matter if you’re sad. Walk with your head high and smile. That makes you look gorgeous and brings out the best of you. 
During this period of your life you’re trying to find yourself and it’s not easy to do so. But the key of being happy is to find Your Balance. If you reach this it means you’ve grown up 🙂
However, it isn’t that easy. But during these years you may try to achieve it. Trying will make you stronger. 
People will disappoint and hurt you, but remember: “Your Head High” and show CONFIDENCE! 
Be charming!
Write to you soon X

Words of the heart

I wanna live for the little things.
I wanna live different. I wanna change myself, my lifestyle. Does this ever happen to you too? There are moments during my day, when I just stop and say: Look at that beautiful blue sky. How come that I always ignore that? What about these lovely flowers, what about that or that or that…?
These are moments when I really enjoy life. These are the moments when I’m truly living. Because I’m enjoying the little things.
During the happy moments with your family or friends do you ever stop and say: God I’m so blessed! Thank you!
I do. Quiet often.
It’s true that you only understand the value of these moments when you’re not able to live them, but once in a while stop scrolling, take a look around, love, be loved.
Open your heart and let the sunshine penetrate. Don’t think it twice when it comes to loving! Give love and don’t ever regret. Love heals every pain.
Don’t be afraid to show concern of others. Show people you love how grateful you’re for having them in your life. Fill yourself and the others with happiness.
You know, I like to think of life as a journey which you’ll be able to take only once. During this journey you are given the chance to live it the best way possible. Live it the best way possible!
Just take a walk around the block and get to know your neighbors, go to parties and make new friends, love, eat, pray! Don’t ever ever look back sadly!
Make this journey worth it! And at the end of it you’ll be able to proudly say to everyone who’s gathered around you: I had a wonderful life! I had you!
At my last day of living I don’t wanna be alone, I wanna have people crying for me and telling me they’ll miss me. I wanna die being loved and full of happiness. Please God help me do that! 🙂