In mood for fashion… Back to school!

As the summer is ending we are all nostalgic and feeling so lazy. The truth is I hope summer lasts longer every year. I never have a enough sun, beach days, partying nights… These memories make me feel even worse 😦 However, there’s still something fun left to do before school days. Back to School Shopping! I haven’t been shopping yet because in Albania school starts on September. But, I’ve been making some research and have been informed of the last trends.

Except the fact that fashion is always changing, I think that a school- like outfit must be, first of all, comfortable and then appropriate. BUT, don’t go for a too conservator look, add something you like and makes you feel yourself (don’t forget the fact that you are a girl, add something femmine to your look). Make it fun! All teens’ favorite brands are having a Sale up to 70% now so that’s a big advantage. You can get all you want for less. ; ;; are what I recommend. Below you’ll find some amazing items which will make you look stunning! Enjoy and get inspired! πŸ˜‰

imff 3T-shirt ASOS// Pants TOPSHOP// Shoes Nastygal// Beanie ASOS// Bag Nasty Gal// Accessories Alimonada

This is a sweet and really eye catching look. The cherry jeans are the subject of the whole outfit. When someone is wearing it, the jeans are the first thing you see. To not confuse our appearance and overreact it’s better to choose a simple and light material white T-shirt as well as black, leather shoes and bag. The pink beanie is probably my favorite thing here. It gives you a childish look πŸ™‚ The jewelries are Alimonada too and make you look really elegant πŸ™‚

imff 6Top ASOS// Skirt ASOS// Shoes ASOS// Bag Forever21// Bracelet Alimonada

I’d call this an autumnish outfil. The cherry color of the skirt is something I’d never say no in fall. The leather material makes it kind of rock but the this image fades and becomes more feminine by the top. The shoes are leather-like material and they look pretty nice. The bag’s color is cream. I’ve chosen something between the color of the shirt and the skirt’s . Alimonada is again the creator of the bracelet. I found this piece pretty nice and it matches quiet well with the rest of the items. πŸ˜€

imff 8Jumpsuit ASOS// Shirt ASOS// Converse found at ASOS// Beanie ASOS// Bag ASOS// Necklace ASOS

Now this is what I call teen fashion! That fashion has no rules and in my opinion that’s what the real fashion is about! You can combine different stuff together and make them look gorgeous. Because we give life to what we wear πŸ™‚ That’s what I’ve done here. I’ve copied my favorite items and pasted them on paint to create this amazing combination. This is fun, cheerful, happy look. If that wouldn’t look strange I’d wear these everyday πŸ˜› Definitely my favorite. There are two items here which is a must for every student: CONVERSE and the DENIM JUMPER DRESS! The are just OMFG the best thing to wear everyday of the weak.

imff 9Crop Top ASOS// Jeans ASOS// Flats from SHOE CULT- Nasty Gal// Coat ASOS

A more serious look I’d say, but a really stylish one. This is something I’d wear without giving it a second thought. It’s chic, it’s simple and really school appropriate. Even here, as you can see, I’ve made it look like an outfit someone young would wear. The crop top makes this look to not follow the rules. I didn’t add accessories because I think you can wear it with anything.

imff 1Dress TOPSHOP// Shoes TOPSHOP// Bag Forever21// Scarf ASOS// Jewels Alimonada

This is a paris- style outfit. A really clever choice. It’s light and the attention is grabbed by the shoes and bag. The jewelers are Alimonada as well. I thought that simple, “wear for your pleasure” would be just stunning. We don’t need bold pieces here. They’d make you look like you’re trying to be too grown up.

imff 10Leggings ASOS// Varsity jacket ASOS// Nike Trainers found at ASOS// Bag ASOS// Chain Necklace ASOS

Sportif! In my opinion this is an outfit which tells everyone you are confident! You just grabbed your backpack and trainers, put on your luxurious chain and went out to shine again. The Varsity Jacket is something which you should definitely buy if you don’t own it. The leggings are still a big trend. You can find some gorgeous ones at What else can I say… This is a look you should wear at least once a week. πŸ™‚

immf 5Floral pants ASOS// T-shirt ASOS// Converse found at ASOS// Bag Forever 21// Beanie ASOS// Chain bracelet Alimonada

How I love this! The amazing floral pants combined with simple converse are so nice! The hat and the bag are both the same color which matches some of the colors in the pants. The chain bracelet and the simple white shirt give make it pure and clean.

imff 11Coatigan ASOS// Top ASOS// Skirt ASOS// Shoes Jeffrey Campbell found at Nasty Gal// Jewels at Alimonada

A really strong look, this because of the white & black colours. The J.Campbell shoes are my favorite part of the outfit. They’re definitely worth paying for. The jewels are delicate and simple. Again found at ALIMONADA.

imff 12Blazer at ASOS// T-shirt ASOS// Jeans TOPSHOP// Sandals Nasty Gal- Shoe Cult// Bracelet Alimonada

This blazer will be soon really in. If you own it now you’ll be the first. The sandals are from SHOECULT on nastygal and are my favorite they have. πŸ˜€

imff 13Crop Top ASOS//Floral jacket ASOS// Coat ASOS// Jeans ASOS// Leather Boots ASOS// Watch ASOS

And finally, this is what I call a wonderful collage of fall pieces. I decided to end my first post “In Mood for fashion” with this because I wanna show you that this is the trend. This is an outfit which allows you to change something every time you wear it and easily make it look gorgeous on you. The crop top is a 70′ style (which we all know how popular is being lately), and the floral blazer too. The watch is an accessory I’ve not used in the previous collages but let me highlight that: A WATCH SHOULD BE WITH YOU ANYWHERE, ANYTIME! The coat color makes it Β really special.


collage imff

That’s all πŸ˜€

Stay beautiful!

Sara XX


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